Rules of Voting

For First, Second, and Third Prize

  • London Young Musician of the Year consists of a Pre-Screening Selection (offline) and a Final Round (livestream) using the same video submitted.

  • For Pre-Screening, the seasonal jury panel will mark each candidate's video, and the candidates who achieve an average mark of 85 or above will successfully get into the Final Round.

  • The Final Round will be firstly judged by the annual jury panel. After watching each candidate’s performance video, each jury can choose to give it 1-3 votes. The total number of jury votes each candidate has gained, will be counted towards the first round of ranking. If there is a tie, the candidate with more audience votes will gain the higher place.

  • The audience votes will only affect tied candidates. For example - Person A and person B both gained 18 jury votes, person C gained 17 jury votes. The first prize, second prize will go to A or B according to their audience votes results. C will be the third prize winner, even if he gets higher audience votes than A or B. View image demonstration «

  • Each prize will be awarded to one winner only. 

  • ​Final results will be announced on 18 April (Facebook livestream).

For Fans' Favourite Award​

  • All participants can enter the Fans' Favourite Award selection, including the ones who did not get into the Final Round. Fans' Favourite Award will be determined by the audience votes ranking onlyFIVE Fans' Favourite Awards will be awarded to each category, for the candidate who receives at least 20 audience votes. 

For Grand Prix Award​

  • The Grand Prix Award will be determined by the competition committee.

Audience Vote

Answer Quiz Questions

  • During the competition final round live streaming, quiz will pop up at several random breaks. You will have 20 seconds to type your answer in the comment section under the video.

  • The first one who got the right answer for each question will gain a bonus voting chance. He or she can give 5 extra audience votes to their musician of choice.

LIKE Specified Facebook/Instagram Posts and Youtube videos

  • After each category's final round live streaming ends, we will start to post candidates’ competition passes and performance video links on our Facebook Page and Instagram (@londonyoungmusician).

  • Note: only posts and videos titled Audience Vote on London Young Musician official Facebook, Instagram and Youtube will count as valid audience votes.  

  • Simply click like for the candidate who you would like to support, the total number of likes received for the candidate will be counted as the votes.

  • We support fair and honest audience votes. The analysis team will count real social media likes as valid votes after voting session ends.

  • This voting will close in 24 hours.


Competition Flowchart

Prize Ranking

First Round of Ranking.png
Final Ranking.png