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Video Requirements for Season 1-4

  1. Seasonal competitions do not require speaking introduction for the performance, previous recorded videos are accepted.

  2. Candidates can submit separate videos for different pieces.

  3. The hands and face of the candidates must be clearly visible, excluding the Original Composition category.

  4. Candidates can choose to enter into more than one category if they wish. If they do, candidates will need to submit additional application forms. Applicants will need to pay for each category the candidate enters into.

  5. Performer candidates can only play one musical instrument for each application. An additional musical instrument will need to be submitted as another application.

  6. Candidates can apply in the same category with different majors. They can also apply to different categories with different major.

  7. The video must contain the exact pieces for the chosen category. Submitting a long video and specifically ask to use only a part of it for the competition is not accepted.

  8. Jury members will only watch and make judgement exclusively upon the performance received for the competition.

  9. When submitting the video file via email, google drive, Wetransfer, Onedrive outlook, files should be renamed to Name_Category. For example John Smith_Young Talent, age 6 and under

  10. Seasonal competitions accept composition applications. However, please note that the annual competition (Musician of the Year) is open to performer candidates only. If candidates wish to use their own compositions for the annual competition, they must appear and perform their own works in the entire video. MIDI/audio is only allowed for accompaniment in the annual competition.

24-25 Season 1
is open

Deadline 8 June 2024

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