Musician of the Year 2022
open in March 2022

Musician of the Year Prizes including £1000 total cash award, champion trophies, winner badges, magazine interviews, online concert performance opportunities, and LYM exclusive teddy bears.

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This annual competition is only opened to our seasonal winners. You need to use 6 Award Points to enter. No additional application fee is required. All candidates will receive an e-certificate and a Star Candidate competition pass (digital format). Performance report from adjudicators is NOT provided in this annual competition.

This year-end competition has a First Round and a Final Round, using the same video submitted. Each round has a different jury panel. A certain number of candidates will go through to the final round according to their marks gained in the first round. The final ranking will be determined by the total mark a candidate obtained in both round. If there is a tie, audience vote will determine the final results. The final round will be livestreamed by True Art Tv.

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Top 50 World Musicians will also be announced after Musician of the Year. This annual ranking is calculated based on both seasonal & annual competition results in one competition year.

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