"Musician of the Year 2020-2021"

This annual competition is only opened to our seasonal winners who have gained 6 or more award points No additional application fee is required. All candidates will receive an e-certificate and a Star Candidate competition pass (digital format). Adjudicators' comments are NOT provided in this annual competition.

London Young Musician of the Year looks for the musicians who have excellent musical skills, strong characters, and fantastic creativity in their video performance. This year-end competition consists of a Pre-Screening Selection (offline) and a Final Round (livestream) using the same video submitted. The final round will be livestream on our social media and facebook page. Both jury members and the audience vote to determine the final results. Read More « about voting rules.

Results Announcement

For  Audience Votes , the analysis team only counted social media likes from credible and trustable sources as valid votes.

Congratulations to all the star candidates for making this event extraordinary and memorable! ​Our award team will contact prize winners in the next few days.

​Annual Competition Jury Panel

London Young Musician Competition Committee


 Talent Category 

Age 9 & Under

Jury Votes: 15🌟

Jury Votes: 14🌟

​Audience Votes: 98❤️

Jury Votes: 14🌟

​Audience Votes: 53❤️

 Artist Category 

Age 15 & Under

Jury Votes: 16🌟

Jury Votes: 15🌟

Jury Votes: 14🌟

 Master Category 

Age 28 & Under

Jury Votes: 18🌟

Jury Votes: 16🌟

Jury Votes: 13🌟

 Grand Prix Award