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Special Video Requirements for Musician of the Year 2023

  1. The application for annual competition will be failed if the submitted video does not match all requirements below. 

  2. Video Submission Deadline – April 1st 2023, 23:59 London Time.

  3. Late submission will NOT be accepted.

  4. All candidates must say the sentence "London Young Musician of the Year 2023", or hold up a piece of paper with this sentence written on it, to the camera at the beginning of the performance. The performance and speech/paper-holding must be recorded in ONE take. 

  5. The performance video MUST be specifically recorded for the "London Young Musician of the Year 2023" annual competition. Editing a speech clip onto an old video is NOT allowed. 

  6. If candidates are willing to use their own compositions for the competition, they must appear and perform their own works in the entire video. Midi/audio is only allowed for accompaniment use.

  7. Each candidate can only apply ONE category.

  8. Each candidate can only send ONE video – this video can include one or more pieces.

  9. The submitted video must meet the limited time requirement for the category: Talent Category (age 10 & under) - video less than 5 minutes; Artist Category (age 15 & under) - video less than 6 minutes; Master Category (age 28 & under) - video less than 7 minutes.

  10. To ensure that the performance recordings are specifically intended for the year-end competition, candidates must reiterate/display the opening speech "London Young Musician of the Year 2023" when presenting a new piece in a different location or time through a fresh video take.

  11. Candidates must appear and perform in the entire submitted video.

  12. The video is encouraged to be creative, but this is NOT a must. Here are some ideas for reference: 

  • Perform with other musician(s).

  • For candidates who have mastered more than one instrument, they could make a video where they played different instruments.

  • A performance video in which one person plays multiple parts of the same piece is allowed. Watch the example from our previous candidate who played the piano duet alone, starting from 1:55.

*Contacting jury members during the competition judging period, for anything related to this competition, may cause disqualification for the related candidate. Learn More« competition & marking rules

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