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LYM 23-24 World Ranking.png

London Young Musician 23-24 Season 2

Season TOP 5 Musicians Award

👑  No.1

Bianca Pascuzzi

piano & flute



Sou Ian Tong Tonia




Yuen Ching Man Bella

vocal & harp



Kathaya Chongprasith

vocal & violin



Lei Ian Kio




Valentina Montesino



World Top 50 Musicians

Crystal Medal

World Top 50 Musicians is an annual ranking awards that calculates both seasonal & annual competition results in the same competition year.


23-24 Ranking Score = 23-24 Seasonal Competitions Score + Annual Competition (Musician of the Year 2024) Score

Seasonal Competition 23-24 (Season 1-4) Score:

  • Platinum Prize +6

  • Gold Prize +5 

  • Silver Prize +3

  • Bronze Prize +1

  • Special Prize +1

  • Prize in Master, Young Master, Chamber Music and Concerto category +1

Annual Competition (Musician of the Year 2023) Score:

  • First Prize +6

  • Second Prize +5

  • Third Prize +4

  • Annual Maestro Prize +3

  • Musician of the Year Award +3

  • Annual Special Prize/Award +2

  • Fans' Favourite Award +2

  • Annual Star Musician Award +2

  • Prize or Award in Master category +1

*Annual competition score are using for Top 50 Musician's ranking only. These score are not award points. The 6 points you used to enter the annual competition will still be counted in the ranking. The ranking results will be published after Musician of the Year 2024. 

Annual Ranking Awards

Top 1  winner will receive:

  • A special edition Crystal Medal«

  • Top 1 winner's teacher will receive Distinguished Teacher Award paper certificate

Top 3 winners will receive:

Top 5 winners will receive:

Top 10 winners will receive:

  • Awarded an artist profile & music showcase on True Art Music«

  • Chance to make EP/CD album with TrueArt Music label (*additional cost)

Top 15 winners will receive:

  • Winner's teacher will receive Teacher Award e-certificate

Top 50 winners will receive:

Crystal Medal
for Annual Ranking Top 1 Winner
Magazine Interview
for Annual Ranking Top 3 Winners
LYM Mid-season Concert.png
Online Concert Invitation
for Annual Ranking Top 5 Winners
TrueArt Music CD Award
TrueArt Music CD Award
for Annual Ranking Top 10 Winners
score rules
Magazie Interview
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