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TrueArt Music CD Award Winner Krish

Season TOP 5 Musicians Award

London Young Musician 23-24 Season 4

👑  No.1

Bianca Pascuzzi

flute & piano



Krish Relan




Audrey Foo

violin & vocal



Alice Tiranatvitayakul

piano & violin & vocal



Ananda María Domínguez Kesselman

composition & flute & piano



Kiyo Nai Yow Jia




Mirei Kuroyanagi



*This list features the top 5 winners ranked by Award Points received in the current season. For the full Award Points list of the 23-24 competition year, click here.

World Top 50 Musicians

Crystal Medal

Annual Ranking Awards

Top 1  winner will receive:

  • A special edition crystal plaque«

  • Top 1 winner's teacher will receive Distinguished Teacher Award paper certificate

Top 3 winners will receive:

Top 5 winners will receive:

Top 10 winners will receive:

  • An artist profile and music showcase on TrueArt Music«

  • CD production opportunities with TrueArt Music label (additional cost)

Top 15 winners will receive:

  • Winner's teacher will receive Teacher Award e-certificate

Top 50 winners will receive:

Crystal Medal
for Annual Ranking Top 1 Winner
Magazine Interview
for Annual Ranking Top 3 Winners
LYM Mid-season Concert.png
Online Concert Invitation
for Annual Ranking Top 5 Winners
TrueArt Music CD Award
TrueArt Music CD Award
for Annual Ranking Top 10 Winners
score rules
Magazie Interview
  • What is Current Award Points?
    The Current Award Points displayed on this page represent the accumulated points received by winners during each seasonal competition (Seasons 1 to 4) throughout the 23-24 period. Points shown on this page can be used to: Qualify for the Musician of the Year competition (minimum 6 points, open to performers only). Contribute to the World Top 50 Musicians 2024 annual ranking. *This page displays 23-24 competition year points for the top 500 winners. Check your total Available Points from the previous year here. Award Points are valid for two years.
  • How are Award Points calculated?
    The points for each prize in every season, for each major/instrument, and within each category are calculated independently: Platinum Prize: +6 points Gold Prize: +5 points Silver Prize: +3 points Bronze Prize: +1 point Special Prize: +1 point Prize in Master, Young Master, Chamber Music, or Concerto category: +1 point
  • How are World Top 50 Musicians ranked?
    23-24 Season 1-4 Competitions Score *The score for each prize in every season, for each major instrument, and within each category is calculated independently: Platinum Prize: +6 Gold Prize: +5 Silver Prize: +3 Bronze Prize: +1 Special Prize: +1 Prize in Master, Young Master, Chamber Music, or Concerto category: +1 Musician of the Year 2024 (Annual Competition) Score *The annual competition score is used for the Top 50 Musician's ranking only. These scores are not award points: First Prize: +6 Second Prize: +5 Third Prize: +4 Annual Maestro Prize: +3 Musician of the Year Award: +3 Annual Special Prize/Award: +2 Fans' Favourite Award: +2 Annual Star Musician Award: +2 Prize or Award in Master category: +1
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