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London Young Musician (LYM) is an international online classical music performance competition for musicians under the age of 28 from all countries. The competition looks for talented musicians who have excellent musical skills, a strong personality and fantastic creativity in their video performance.


LYM opens to all classical musical instruments and vocal. It has a unique competition system designed by the world class education specialists, which provides professional pathways and resources for musicians to build higher musical skills.

23-24 Season 1
is open!

Deadline 10 June 2023

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23-24 Season 1 Competition

One Round - application fee required
Deadline 10th June


World Top 50 Musicians 22-23

Ranking calculates both seasonal and annual competition results in competition year 2022-23

Black Diamond

2023 Grand Slam Winners

The musicians who have achieved significant accomplishments by winning awards in all four seasonal competitions and the annual competition held in year 2022-23.

Black Diamond

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