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Musician of the Year 2023
Audience Vote

Audience Vote Opening Time:

  • Talent Category - from 1pm 24th April to 1pm 25th April (London time)

  • Artist Category - from 1pm 25th April to 1pm 26th April (London time)

  • Master Category - from 1pm 26th April to 1pm 27th April (London time)

Results will be published on 28th April (London time)

If there is a tie in jury mark, audience vote will determine the  Final ​Grand Prize . 

Only Semi-finalists have the qualification for  Fans' Favourite Award  selection. The two with the most votes in each category will receive the Fans' Favourite Award - minimum 20 votes required. The winner will receive one special LYM teddy bear! More Rules

How to give a Valid Vote?

 Step 1  - Like their photo on this page ❤️

 Step 2  - Watch their competition video linked to their photo for at least 60 seconds, and give it a thumbs up. Liking the photo/video alone will not count as a valid vote.

Important Notice: How is the Final Audience Vote calculated?

Final Audience Vote = Valid Votes* + Weighted Votes*

Please note that the number of likes a photo/video receives does NOT represent the final audience vote. We will also analyse and verify the number of genuine votes based on the data tracking and statistics of our YouTube channel.


Valid Votes: A valid vote includes a unique audience liking both the photo and the video, along with watching the video for at least 60 seconds. 


Weighted Votes: The competition video's total watch duration will count as Weighted Votes. Each 60 seconds of watch duration equals one weighted ticket. The longer you watch your supported musician's video, the more weighted votes they will receive.


Please be aware that only watch duration and thumbs up on the competition video linked to the candidates' phots on this pate (the video uploaded on our official YouTube channel) will count. Watch duration and thumbs up of the same video on other channels or platforms will not be considered as part of the audience vote.


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