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Welcome to winners upload centre!

For Platinum/Gold Prize winners: You can send us your winner speech here.

Do I have to do a winner speech?

No, it is up to you. 

Is it possible to submit the video after the deadline?

No. The editing team will be gathering all videos by the specified deadline, and any submissions received after that will not be considered.

What shall I say for winner speech?

You can introduce yourself, thank everyone you appreciate, and share your feelings about your prize-winning experience, etc. The submitted video must be less than 1 minute.

Where will the winner speech be published?

The winner speech will be included in the champions showcase video on Hall of Champions page. You can also watch the Champions Showcase at our Youtube channel.

Winner Speech Upload
Deadline: 14th July 2024
Video must be less than 1 minute

We has received your material. Thanks! 

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