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Frequently Asked Questions
about Season 1 to Season 4

You may have some questions regarding the seasonal competition, this Q&A is here to answer some of your queries. If you have any further questions, please get in touch.

Q: How do I apply to the seasonal competition?

A: The seasonal competition runs every three months.

  • Step 1 – Film your performance at home or any other venue.

  • Step 2 – Upload the video to YouTube or send a downloadable link to

  • Step 3 – Fill in the application form on the website under “apply” page.

  • Step 4 – Submit the form and make the payment to complete the competition registration.

Q: Can I apply more than one category?

A: Yes. Candidates can choose to enter into more than one category if they wish. If they do, candidates will need to submit additional application forms. Applicants will need to pay for each category he or she enters into. Candidates can only play one musical instrument for each application. 

Q: Can I apply Season 2 without enter Season 1?

A: Yes you can. Each season is an independent competition.

Q: What is the selection mechanism of Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze Prizes?

A:  The competition committee will arrange and send the candidate’s video(s) to professional jury members from the seasonal jury panel list. This will be done by preference of relevant instruments or voice. In general, jury members will give marks out of 100 based on the candidates' overall performance quality as well as their musicianship according to the applied categories. The average mark 96-100 will be awarded Platinum Prize; Average mark 90-95 will be awarded Gold Prize; Average mark 80-89 will be awarded Silver Prize; Average mark 70-79 will be awarded Bronze Prize. Average mark of 65-69 will receive an Honorable Mention. Average mark under 65 will not be awarded with a prize.


Q: What is the selection mechanism of Special Prize?

A: The Special Prize is awarded to the candidate who has shown a special and unique side in their performance video. The prizes are nominated by the seasonal jury panel.

Q: Can I use my old performance video(s) for the seasonal competition?

A: Yes. You can use the performance video recorded any time at any occasion for the seasonal competition. Read full Video Requirements « for Season 1-4 competition.


Q: Do I need to play the melodic instrument or vocal with accompaniment?

A: It’s candidate’s own choice to play as a solo or with an accompaniment. The accompaniment can be played both live or as an audio track.


Q: Can I submit separate videos for different pieces for seasonal competitions?

A: Yes.


Q: Do I get a certification if I didn’t win?

A: Yes. All candidates of the seasonal competition will receive an e-certificate and a juries’ comment sheet in digital format.


Q: Who can order the trophy?

A: Only the Prize winners of the Seasonal Competition are qualified to order the trophy which is at an additional cost.

Q: How long will it be until the results are announced?

A: For the seasonal competition, the results will be announced in about 3 weeks time after the application deadline.


Q: Will I get notification for the competition results?

A: If you subscribe to the website, you will receive an email notification when the results are ready to view online.


Q: I’m turning 10 years old soon, can I apply to the Age 9 and Under category?

A: The competition age is determined by the candidate’s age on the first day of when the application starts. For example, the competition application starts on 1 October. If you are at age 9 on that day, you will be qualified to apply to the Age 9 and Under category.


Q: We are a chamber music group. Apart from Chamber Music Composition category, can we apply other categories?

A: Chamber music group can apply to all types of categories according to the type of the music being played or average age of the group members. Check Season 1 Categories «.

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