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London Young Musician
Educator Awards

The LYM Educator Awards was established to reward distinguish educators for the effectiveness of their teaching in music performance and their leadership on encouraging young musicians to a music career.

Click the button below to redeem your Educator Award.
How is winning times calculated?
Winning Times refers to the total number of times your student(s) has won the gold/silver/bronze prize in seasonal competitions, plus first/second/third prize in Musician of the Year annual competition.

If you have registered with us, you will get an email notification once meeting award requirements. Simply fill in the form above, and we will send you the e-certificate or ship your award.

You can also email us to check the current record at any time.

Getting any level of the awards will not deduct or affect your total winning times.

Each award can be claimed only once.
Gold Educator Award
Reaching 50 Winning Times
*Size 20 x 25cm
LYM Distinguished Teacher Award.png
Distinguished Teacher Award
Reaching 25 Winning Times
or Student won Annual Ranking Top 1
*A4 size certificate with lamination
Teacher Award
Reaching 10 Winning Times
or Student won Annual Ranking Top 15
or Student won Seasonal Ranking Top 1
*You will receive it by email
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