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Season 4 Trophy & Paper Certificate order
Deadline 26th March 2023

Winner Trophy
Only for Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze/
Special-prize/Special-award winners
*with Winner's Name Engraved - height 180mm
A5 Certificate Pack
All participates can order
*includes certificate & cover - A5 size 15 x 21cm

Show off your well-deserved victory!
Follow and tag us on social media, and let us share in your joy.

  • Instagram @londonyoungmusician_award

  • Facebook @londonyoungmusician

Order Trophy and A5 Certificate Pack
Deadline: 26th March 2023

*Please only use English letters for address
Select an item (£)

Thanks! Your order has been received. You will receive a confirmation email shortly.

E-certificate & Comments

All participates will receive the e-certificate & digital comments in 2 weeks time.

If you would like to order the physical awards, please submit your orders by 26th March.

If you post photos of yourself holding certificates/trophies on Instagram/Facebook, please TAG US to share your victory! Instagram @londonyoungmusician_award
Facebook @londonyoungmusician

Season 4 Trophy & Paper Certificate order is closed

All e-certificates and comment sheets have been sent to your email. Please check your spam folder/junk mail if you have not received them.

The Season 4 Trophy and paper certificate order is now closed. Our award team is working on preparing and packaging them.

Once your parcel has been sent out, you will receive a tracking link by email.

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