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Video Requirements – Season 4

  1. Candidates can submit separate videos for different pieces.

  2. The hands and face of the candidates must be clearly visible.

  3. Candidates can choose to enter into more than one category if they wish. If they do, candidates will need to submit additional application forms. Applicants will need to pay for each category the candidate enters into.

  4. Candidates can only play one musical instrument for each application. An additional musical instrument will need to be submitted as another application.

  5. Candidates can apply in the same category with different instruments. They can also apply into different categories with different instruments.


"Musician of the Year" requires newly recorded video. Please check video requirements« carefully. Videos failed to meet the requirements will not be considered.

Video Requirements – Musician of the Year 2020-2021

  1. Video Submission Deadline – April 1st 2021.

  2. Candidates must say 'London Young Musician of the Year 2020-2021', or hold up a piece of paper with this sentence written on it, to the camera at the beginning of the performance. The performance and speech/paper holding must be recorded in one take. 

  3. The performance video MUST be newly recorded and specifically made for the year-end competition. Previously recorded performance video(s) will not be accepted. Editing a speech clip onto old video(s) is also NOT allowed. 

  4. Each candidate can only send ONE video – this video can include one or more pieces, and it must meet the requirement of the limited time for the category. 

  5. When performing a different piece/instrument with a new camera angle, candidates must say/show the opening speech again. This is to ensure the performance were newly recorded and specifically made for the year-end competition.

  6. Candidates will be disqualified if the submitted video does not meet the requirements above. 

  7. The video is encouraged to be creative, but this is NOT a must. Here are some ideas for reference: 

  • Make a stylish or artistic video by decorating the background.

  • Perform with other musician(s).

  • For candidates who have mastered more than one instrument, they could make a video where they played different instruments.

  • A performance video in which one person plays multiple parts of the music is allowed.