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Special Order Service

Ref: Lee Winnie


5 x A5 certificate pack & trophy

  1. NG MOU TONG: Performance Grade 8 

  2. NG MOU TONG: Classical Period Music

  3. NG MOU TONG: Expressive Performance Special Prize

  4. SOU IAN TONG TONIASeason Top 5 Musicians Award

  5. LEI IAN KIOSeason Top 5 Musicians Award

9 x A5 certificate pack 

  1. SOU IAN TONG TONIA: Young Master (age 18 & under)

  2. SOU IAN TONG TONIA: Baroque Period Music


  4. SOU IAN TONG TONIA: Romantic Period Music

  5. SOU IAN TONG TONIA: Expressive Performance Special Prize

  6. SOU IAN TONG TONIA: Versatile Musician Award

  7. LEI IAN KIO: Young Talent (age 6 & under)

  8. LEI IAN KIO: Performance Grade 1

  9. LEI IAN KIO: Performance Grade 2

Total: £452

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